Ever wondered where Pennywise got their name from? Well, before they started singing about how best to fuck authority, they must have read Stephen King’s novel It at some point. Arguably one of King’s best books (and that’s saying a lot), It has been terrifying kids for decades and now gets to keep on doing so on the big screen under the guise of Argentine director Andy Muschietti (Mama).

- Deaf Dogs

If this album sucked, at least I would get to make the lame joke that they named the album after their target audience.

Dearist - Sonder

Wolverhampton alt-rock band Dearist are pleased to announce they have signed to Seattle, US independent record label Spartan Records and will release their second album titled Sonder on 27th April 2018 on vinyl and digital download.

Reuther - Like A Ghost

Hailing from Detroit, ​Reuther ​is a band that rose from the ashes of the former projects of the founding members James Vee and Daniel Stover. Having spent years touring the US with their former band, Forty Lashes, they ultimately wanted to continue the excitement and energy that reckless touring afforded them. Their initial vision was to allow their penchant for catchy, poppy and infectious tunes guide them while obtaining inspiration from their favorite bands ​The Loved Ones,​​The Flatliners ​and ​The Swellers​.