Street Dogs - Stand for Something or Die for Nothing

Boston’s STREET DOGS are awaiting the release of their sixth studio album Stand for Something or Die for Nothing on June 22, 2018 via Century Media.

The album was recorded at Woolly Mammoth Studios, Sugarhill Studio, and Q Division Studio with bassist Johnny Rioux in the producer’s chair, mix master Sean Cahalin at the desk, and mastering ace Jeff Lipton navigating.


Track listing:

Mad Caddies - Punk Rocksteady

Rumors have been flying for the past few months, but Fat Wreck finally revealed the details of what Fat Mike and the Mad Caddies have been collaborating on. Mike wanted to put a reggae spin on some classic punk songs, so he enlisted the help of the Caddies, and Punk Rocksteady was born. The album features 12 classic punk songs, hand-picked by Fat Mike, completely reimagined with a reggae strut! No bullshit… this album would even have Bob Marley jammin’ to standards from the likes of Bad Religion, The Misfits, and Descendents.

Retirement Party - Somewhat Literate

On their debut LP, Somewhat Literate, Chicago’s Retirement Party melds together the anxious tendencies of growing older with a caffeinated, youthful songwriting approach. Here, vocalist/guitarist Avery Springer digs deep inside of her own mental health struggles and reluctant transition into adult city living.

Nominee / Sundressed - Split

Outerloop Records is proud to announce a brand new split EP from Nominee and Sundressed due out June 8, 2018. The split will consist of 5 tracks including, "Lock & Key" by Nominee, and "Postcard" by Sundressed. Sundressed tracks were produced by Curtis Douglas and Nominee tracks were produced by Kieran Krebs at Overcast Recording with all tracks mastered by Kris Crummet.  

Lost Love - 'Good Luck Rassco

Lost Lost will release a new album called ''Good Luck Rassco'' on May 25th on Stomp Records and Guerilla Asso.


Track listing:

  1. Sexting Across America
  2. Are You Still Alive, You Dumb Phoque?
  3. Gospel Tabernacle
  4. Clay Turris
  5. Pardon My French
  6. Sheriff Of St. Sandwich
  7. Turisto Cracko
  8. John Wayne Gretzky
  9. Hangover Drive
  10. Unleash The Bees
  11. Burrito Kind Of Guy

MØL - Jord

Møl Jord

With Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Alcest and Wolves In The Throne Room, there has been no shortage of bands mixing shoegaze with black metal. But there’s always room for one more.

State Champs - Living Proof

Pop punk heroes State Champs announced their new record 'Living Proof' which will be released on June 15, 2018 on Pure Noise Records.

Over the past decade, Albany, New York’s State Champs have become a major player in the world of pop-punk, helping define the shape of the genre for a new generation of fans. And on June 15, Living Proof will push pop-punk forward.