The Human Project - Clarion Call

Politically minded Leeds punks THE HUMAN PROJECT are back with a brand album titled 'Clarion Call' set for release on Friday 6th July.  

Today the band offer up their first insight into their highly anticipated album with a new single and video for 'That One Percent'. A furious riff-filled punk track that serves as a passionate rally cry and "frustrated swipe" at the conservative led government of the UK and the austerity they proudly impose.  

William Ryan Key - Thirteen

Sometimes a step sideways is the best progression forward. After the breakup of Yellowcard in Spring 2017, vocalist/guitarist William Ryan Key did just that with his solo debut EP, THIRTEEN which will be released on May 25, 2018 via The Lone Tree Recordings.

Both a sonic redirection and a rediscovering of his muse, THIRTEEN finds Ryan in a brand new headspace with a sound that moves away from the pop punk genre that Yellowcard helped create and into new uncharted territory that’s equally introspective but not as anchored in convention.

The Limehouse Golem

In The Limehouse Golem, director Juan Carlos Medina and screenwriter Jane Goldman, working off a novel by Peter Ackroyd, take you to London during the Victorian era. Someone is slicing and dicing up people in the city’s seedy Limehouse district and it’s up to rumored-to-be-gay inspector John Kildare (Bill Nighy) and Lizzie Cree (Olivia Cooke), an actress who has been accused of poisoning her playwright husband, to solve the grizzly murders.


Spielbergs is a new band out of Norway who recently released their debut EP via UK upstarts By The TIme It Gets Dark. The dudes running the label actually started the label just so they could release this band's EP.