Trauma is being sold as the most extreme movie since A Serbian Film. It’s an easy comparison to make, especially seeing as they took all of that movie’s most disturbing scenes and rehashed them in the first five minutes. In interviews writer-director Lucio A. Rojas has talked about how the extreme violence was necessary to reflect Chile’s history under Pinochet’s dictatorship and how there’s a link to #MeToo. But in the end, Trauma is just another exploitation movie once you get past the movie’s most disturbing moments.


- by Tom Dumarey

In recent years, the best thing you could do when encountering a movie starring Nicolas Cage, was to avert your eyes and run away in the opposite direction. Saying he has starred in a lot of seriously shitty movies, is almost an understatement. The most remarkable thing about those movies was how incredibly consistent he was in picking the biggest turds.

Pedro The Lion - Phoenix

Pedro The Lion has always been David Bazan, but it took a long time to get back there.

Capping off a fruitful 12-year long solo career, David Bazan resurrects both the moniker and mindset of his profoundly influential indie rock outfit, Pedro The Lion. The band’s new album and Polyvinyl debut, Phoenix, marks a return to form as the follow up to their 2004 opus, Achilles Heel. Phoenix maps out the emotional intricacies of growing up in Arizona with the songs themselves a darkly hopeful introspection into home and what it means to go back, if you ever can.

Swervedriver - Future Ruins

Rock Action are proud to announce the signing of British alt. rock legends Swervedriver. The band will release their brand new album Future Ruins on January 25th and are previewing the record with the brand new cut ‘Mary Winter’.


Typesetter feature Punk Rock Theory

'Nothing Blues', Typesetter's new album, came out just a couple of days ago via 6131 Records. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, feel free to do so right now. You will not regret it.