Sad Baxter - So Happy

Nashville, TN's "pop sludge" duo, Sad Baxter, have announced their new six song EP, So Happy, due out July 20th from Cold Lunch Recordings. To celebrate, the band has teamed with Nashville Scene to premiere the EP's opening track "Love Yew" and its accompanying video. Nashville Scene praised the new track as "excellent news for fans of crunchy, hook-y, grunge-inflected rock" as well as the band's ability to effortlessly combine heavy subject matter with "a refrain that's hard not to shout along with."

Tru - Growing Pains

Montclair, NJ's Tru have just announced Growing Pains, a five song EP of unexpectedly heavy power-pop that would make Rivers Cuomo jealous. Growing Pains is due out June 22nd from Sniffling Indie Kids, and today Tru have shared the EP's opening track "The Graduate" via Substream Magazine, who called it, "blissfully crunchy and harmonic" saying, "it's bombastic and chaotic energy bounces effortlessly off of the voracious and driving drums to create a non-stop assault meant to violently tear you from your seasonal slump and right back into the thick of things."


If you haven't listened to Tusky just yet, you should do so now. They won't change your life or make you rethink every choice you ever made.

This Wild Life - Petaluma

This Wild Life are thrilled to announce their new, forthcoming studio album titled 'Petaluma', which will be released by Epitaph Records on Friday, June 22. Today, the band (comprised of Kevin Jordan & Anthony Del Grosso) have shared the music video for their new single, 'Westside,' which was directed by Spencer Baldwin.

The Interrupters - Fight The Good Fight

Los Angeles ska-punk band The Interrupters will release their third studio album Fight the Good Fight on June 29th via Hellcat Records. Fight the Good Fight was produced by longtime collaborator, Rancid frontman, and Grammy Award-winning producer Tim Armstrong with the band at Ship-Rec Recorders in Los Angeles. The album was mixed by Grammy-award winning mixer Tom Lord-Alge (Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Weezer).