Dearist - Sonder

Wolverhampton alt-rock band Dearist are pleased to announce they have signed to Seattle, US independent record label Spartan Records and will release their second album titled Sonder on 27th April 2018 on vinyl and digital download.

Reuther - Like A Ghost

Hailing from Detroit, ​Reuther ​is a band that rose from the ashes of the former projects of the founding members James Vee and Daniel Stover. Having spent years touring the US with their former band, Forty Lashes, they ultimately wanted to continue the excitement and energy that reckless touring afforded them. Their initial vision was to allow their penchant for catchy, poppy and infectious tunes guide them while obtaining inspiration from their favorite bands ​The Loved Ones,​​The Flatliners ​and ​The Swellers​.

Jouska - From Elson To Emmett

Jouska (JOW-ska) is defined as “the imaginary and often lively conversation that you carry out in your head between yourself and someone else.” Although that’s an accurate way to describe the thematic ethos of the Albany, NY by Philly quartet, their name has taken on a different meaning since their 2015 inception. Jouska represents the collective experience of making art together, of travelling across the country to share that art with others, and of the resulting unification among those who are involved in that lifestyle.

Mythless - Patience Hell

Mythless, the new outfit from former Fang Island singer/guitar player Jason Bartell, release their debut EP, Patience Hell, on March 16 via Joyful Noise Recordings.

Stream “PO,” the lead track on the four-song EP, below with a visualizer created by Andreas Wannerstedt. “Sonically, ‘PO’ really exemplifies the whole project,” Bartell explains. “Droning sheets of sound slowly build, and a story unfolds. There’s a hook about a probation officer, hence the title.”