DeeCRACKS release video for 'Don't Turn Your Heart Off'
DeeCRACKS release video for 'Don't Turn Your Heart Off'
Saturday, February 27, 2021 - 16:32
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Austrian punks DeeCRACKS have released their video for "Don't Turn Your Heart Off," the second single from the band's new record Serious Issues.

"This one is dedicated to all the people who aren't afraid of believing in themselves and are following their own path. To me, that's what defines punk. To be yourself and not bother what people say or think about you," says frontman Matt DeeCRACK.

When the pandemic started and people were told to stay inside, the band wanted to let people know they were still going and forging their own path. They didn't want their friends and family to think that the pandemic would slow down their DIY spirit.

"We asked a bunch of friends to join us in this video to show the people out there that we aren't going away. That we don't give up. That we don't turn our hearts off," adds Matt DeeCRACK.

Serious Issues is the follow-up record to the band's 2017 LP, Sonic Delusions. The band toured relentlessly around the world in support of the album including a month-long European tour with the legendary CJ Ramone.