Billy Liar shares 'Negroni' video ft. Frank Turner
Billy Liar shares 'Negroni' video ft. Frank Turner
Friday, November 10, 2023 - 09:23
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Fresh off of his U.S. tour and multiple appearances at The Fest, Billy Liar has released the video for “Negroni.” The video also features Frank Turner who makes a cameo in the video and lends his voice on the track. Additionally, Billy Liar’s album “Crisis Actor” is available via Pirates Press Records.

“Negroni” is the second single from Billy Liar’s new album “Crisis Actor”. This fired up track is just another demonstration Liar’s penchant for poetic songwriting with such raw emotion. “Negroni is a song about drinking too much and drinking too little, holding on and trying to let go. Bitter drinks and bitter romance,” explains Liar. It’s why Tim Armstrong (Rancid) has said Billy Liar “one of his favorite songwriters.”

Armstrong isn’t the only one that has taken note of Liar. Billy caught the attention of incomparable troubadour FRANK TURNER a few years back. “Frank and I first met in 2007 or 2008 and I’ve always been a fan of his songwriting. We stayed in touch and he reached out after I put out my last record (“Some Legacy”) and said how much he loved it. We happened to cross paths in Belgium where I was making the record and he was on tour, so it was a perfectly natural impromptu situation.”

The song and video are set in a Scottish 1920s prohibition speakeasy cocktail bar.

One question remains - “is Billy a negroni drinker?” The former bartender gave a little insight on his go-to drinks: “Negronis or Boulavardiers. Also a big fan of a pint of Guinness and a pickleback.”