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Get Out Of My Club – The Manges Tribute Album
Get Out Of My Club – The Manges Tribute Album
Friday, June 29, 2018 - 19:49
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‘Get Out Of My Club’ is what happens when Ramonescore bands from all over the place (Italy, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, California, Indiana, Missouri,…) get together to pay tribute to Italy’s The Manges. You know what to expect… buzzing guitars, big melodies and plenty of singalong moments

Meticulously put together by Moms Basement Records, this tribute album comes with a whopping 17 songs. And as if that isn’t enough yet, you get 6 more bonus songs because… well, why stop at 17 songs.

Some of my personal favorites on here come courtesy of The Mugwumps, Horror Section, Putz and Tough. But honestly, there’s a shitload of fun to be found on here!


Track listing:

  1. Teenage Bubblegums - Good Morning Campers/Stalag 17
  2. Mugwumps - Another Day    
  3. Windowsill - Dont Mess It Up    
  4. Horror Section - Barrage Of Hate    
  5. Ponches - Saving Private Pierson    
  6. Putz - I Will Always Do    
  7. Hairlips - I Dont Wanna Live In Hell    
  8. Neon Bone - Ten Shots    
  9. Tough - Long Way Back    
  10. Vapids - Secret Agent In East Berlin    
  11. Flamingo Nosebleed - Hit The Punchball    
  12. Mega - S.O.S. I'm In Love    
  13. Proton Packs - 80s Soldier    
  14. So-Cho Pistons - Uncle Walt    
  15. Volkov - Anti-Heroes    
  16. Radio Buzzkills - Vengeance Is Mine    
  17. Giant Eagles - Lone Commando    
  18. Bonus Song - Honey - Blame Game (Acoustic)    
  19. Bonus Song - The Rinds - In The Van    
  20. Bonus Song - Skullingtons - My Rifle    
  21. Bonus Song - Hateful Julie - Now Or Never    
  22. Bonus Song - Prozacs - Mandy    
  23. Bonus Song - Parasite Diet - Dunkin Donna



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Tom Dumarey

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