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Peripheral Vision
Turnover – Peripheral Vision
Sunday, May 31, 2015 - 10:35
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Virginia Beach’s Turnover may have started out as Saves The Day devotees, but you wouldn’t know it listening to their second album. “Peripheral Vision” sees the band shying away from their old sound and settle on something more akin to shoegaze and indie pop. One thing they did keep intact are the hooks though.

Produced by Will Yip, “Peripheral Vision” is an album that sounds absolutely gorgeous. Soothing, reverb-drenched guitar licks are nicely layered and drift in and out of focus. Meanwhile the rhythm section makes sure the songs don’t simply drift off into space and Austin Getz’ vocals blend in perfectly with the music even if his dark lyrics are pretty much the exact opposite of the sun-drenched melodies. Definitely a huge step forward for the band and one that will help them escape the narrow confines of pop-punk.

Unfortunately it’s not all good news. As beautiful as opening track “Cutting My Fingers Off”, “New Scream” or “Hello Euphoria” may be, they also sound a lot like pretty much every other song that follows them. It makes telling the songs apart a nearly impossible task. Don’t get me wrong… I love what Turnover have done here, it’s just that rehashing the same thing over and over chips away at their accomplishment.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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