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Dear Creek Canyon
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 18:47
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What to do when you’re the daughter of a dynamite salesman? Well, you either bang a lot of guys or you start banging away on the drums… ba dum tsss! Luckily for us (and sadly for the guys in the Seattle area) Sera Cahoone chose the latter and played with the slightly amazing Band Of Horses on their debut as well as with several other bands. She’s also a singer/songwriter however and already treated us to such delights as her eponymous album and 2008’s “Only As The Day Is Long”.

If you did the math, you’ll agree with me that “Deer Creek Canyon” is already her third album and on it she hasn’t changed her sound. It’s still the same mix of altcountry, folk and Americana and she still excels at writing heartfelt gems that get under your skin. She sings about places we’ve lived, places where we’ve built relationships with people and places where we’ve stored the memories of those relationships and she does so with the help of pedal steel, harmonica, banjo and cello alongside her trusty guitar. It makes “Deer Creek Canyon” a very honest and open album, written by a woman who’s not afraid to give herself away. And I don’t mean that in the way I mentioned in the first part of the first paragraph.