Sludgeworth share first new song in 30+ years
Sludgeworth share first new song in 30+ years
Thursday, May 23, 2024 - 10:09
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In the early 90’s, Sludgeworth released a collection/discography album on Lookout Records! titled Losers of the Year, and it sold tens of thousands of copies. They packed Chicago venues with their unique sound, playing shows with Naked Raygun, The Effigies, Green Day, Jawbreaker, Offspring, ALL, Killing Joke, Rollins Band, Tool, Primus, and many more, but disbanded in 1993.

In 2022, they reunited after an almost 30-year hiatus when Red Scare Industries reissued their first and only LP, Losers of the Year, on vinyl and streaming services for the very first time. It included two unreleased tracks, "To Be The Same" and "Here For A While,” with never-before-seen photos, and liner notes from Naked Raygun’s Jeff Pezzati, Rise Against’s Joe Principe, Mikey Erg, Dillinger Four’s Patrick Costello, and more. In 2023, they were asked to play Riot Fest, and then a hometown show with long-time friends, The Smoking Popes. Now, they're set to release their first new EP, Together Not Together, in over three decades. 

“The title refers to our band. We haven’t released anything new in 32 years, then there’s also a physical distance between us. I think when you haven’t played together in that long, you can return anew. The inspiration for this album can be summed up in one word: Enthusiasm. It was there for all of us. Originally I thought the idea of new music was a terrible idea. But then the guys sent me the music they were kicking around, and words and a melody immediately popped into my head. Those few seconds changed everything. After 32 years since our last recording, I can honestly say I couldn’t be more excited about this release." - Singer Dan Schafer

The two song 7-inch was recorded at Encapsulated Studios in St. Louis by Gabe Usery and was the first time the band wrote new songs together since 1992. “The last time we recorded together there was no internet or technological advances like there is today,” explains Schafer. “Back then we got into a room, played the songs together, and then did a few overdubs. We approached recording in the same way, if it’s not broke, why change it?"

“Singer Dan [Schafer] told us the band had no plans for new material, but they were jamming at rehearsal, and as Dan explained to us, ‘It just happened organically. It felt natural, and the songs felt good,’ said Red Scare Founder Tobias Jeg. “Sludgeworth is a special band from a special time in Chicago punk, and it's rare to witness an authentic comeback, but the Together Not Together 7-inch is a second chance for us to appreciate their renewed greatness.”

“I never thought that after 30 plus years, I’d be saying, “Hey check out our new 7” on Red Scare!,” said drummer Brian McQuaid. “But I think people will say, ‘Yep! That’s Sludgeworth when they hear it.”