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Past Our Prime
Spells Past Our Prime Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, June 13, 2024 - 20:07
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Denver, CO’s Spells were already dishing out sweet ‘vacation rock’ on 2016’s ‘Staying In > Going Out’ and 2020’s ‘Stimulants & Sedatives,’ albums that served as an excuse to go play shows in cities that have either beaches or buddies. But on ‘Past Our Prime’ the five-piece take things to the next level.

Opener ‘A Different Kind Of Broke’ has a bit of a Hot Snakes vibe going, Superchunk is lurking around the corner on ‘What The Hell Is Caution’ and ‘The Sound Remains’ is a garage-y rock ‘n roll tune that The Hives would be proud of. The band isn’t slouching on the B-side either. ‘The Tempest’ made me think of Bob Mould while ‘Stay Strong’ can help you get out of bed on a day when you don’t exactly feel like getting up.

Does this sound like ‘Past Our Prime’ is a bit all over the place? It sure does. Does it sound like they are having a lot of fun banging out these songs? It sure does. The vocals may be a bit rough around the edges, bordering on manic at times, but we can all use a bit more ‘vacation rock’ in our lives.


Past Our Prime track listing:

  1. A Different Kind Of Broke    
  2. The Sound Remains    
  3. Past My Prime    
  4. What The Hell Is Caution    
  5. A Life Worth Living    
  6. The Tempest    
  7. Lost Summer    
  8. Some Would Say    
  9. Nightmares    
  10. Stay Strong    
  11. Salt
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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