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Make It Count – Leeway
Tuesday, February 12, 2008 - 13:00
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For a second I couldn’t believe it… but then it turned out the album title was “Leeway” and that “Make It Count” was in fact not the title of a new Leeway album I had somehow heard nothing about. Germans, ha! They used to simply invade our country, now they’re a little more subtle and start messing with our minds instead. So just for that I should subtract a couple of points from the final score! Anyway, Make It Count is a German band that likes its hardcore oldschool. Fast-paced, straight to the point, pissed off but always with a sense of melody. With plenty of cool singalong parts and breakdowns in all the right places, Make It Count definitely seem to know what they are doing. Throw in a great production and a cover of Battery’s “Whatever It Takes” and you’re looking at an album that all the oldschool fans out there should be able to appreciate!