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Oathbreaker – Eros/Anteros
Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 21:29
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Oathbreaker stormed onto the scene two years ago with “Maelstrøm” and are not quite done storming just yet. “Eros/Anteros” is the band’s second album and after an atmospheric intro, the black metal infested hardcore of “No Rest For The Weary” hits you like a ton of bricks. They continue down this path of destruction with “As I Look Into The Abyss”, another scorching tune that sounds even better thanks to producer Kurt Ballou.

The band then proves they rightfully belong to the Church of Ra (a collective around Amenra) with “The Abyss Looks Into Me”, a nine minute long epic piece of post-metal that has to be the musical equivalent of a slow and agonizing death before annihilating everything in sight at the end. Vocalist Caro Tanghe really gets to show off her vocal chops here, alternating between eerily whispered vocals and ear-piercing screams. I honestly don’t think I’ve heard a woman this angry since word came that they cancelled Sex And The City.

Next up is another short blast of delightfully nasty hardcore in the form of “Condor Tongue”, before Oathbreaker launches into the sludgy “Ode Aan De Leegte” where you once again hear the influences of Amenra shimmer through. They repeat this one-two combo with “Nomads” and the more ambient closer that is “Clair Obscur”.

With “Eros/Anteros”, Oathbreaker has released a kickass album that in no way makes less of an impression than Amenra’s “Mass V”.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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