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Everything But The Here And Now
Happy Accidents Everything But The Here And Now
Saturday, February 24, 2018 - 10:48
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All London indie punks Happy Accidents need to get your attention, is a bit of guitar, vocals and some keyboard tinkling. By the time the drums kick in and they tell you to meet them at the cemetery on opening track ‘Nunhead’, you’ll be completely smitten. And then it’s off to the next track with more killer hooks and beautiful vocal harmonies, courtesy of drummer Phoebe and guitarist Rich.


When they are on a roll, Happy Accidents are melodic, energetic and incredibly smooth all at once. And luckily for us, they never stop rolling on ‘Everything But The Here And Now’. From the catchy as hell ‘A Better Plan’ and the danceable ‘Act Naturally’ to the gentler closer that is ‘Sink’, Happy Accidents deliver every single time.


Track listing:

  1. Nunhead
  2. Wait It Out    
  3. A Better Plan    
  4. Float    
  5. Act Naturally    
  6. Free Time    
  7. Different Views    
  8. Unwind    
  9. Text Me When You're Home    
  10. Maybe Tomorrow    
  11. Sink