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Hello Destiny
Goldfinger – Hello Destiny
Monday, May 12, 2008 - 00:00
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Dammit, I forced myself into liking this band’s previous releases but honestly I never felt the same way about them as I did about their old songs like “Here In Your Bedroom” or “Mabel”. It’s not that they were bad albums but something was missing. Smarter people than myself have already said that Goldfinger has been clinging onto their skapunk (and eventually ska-less punk) for years now but without their youthful enthousiasm, it simply felt forced.

But then came the news that guitarist Charlie Paulson was back in the band. The dude left ten years ago right after their finest hour. So who knows, maybe that’s what was missing the whole time. Which would make their new album “Hello Destiny” their best in years. It has to! Right?
Wrong. On “Hello Destiny” the band does bring back some of the brass and even a little bit of ska (“Get Up” and “If I’m Not Right”) but other than that the songs on here taste just as bland as the ones on “Disconnection Notice”.