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The Fleshtones - Take A Good Look
The Fleshtones - Take A Good Look
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 - 14:29
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Christ, supposedly these guys are the only New York City new wave/punk band from the 70s that are still around without ever having had an inactive year. Thank you Wikipedia for that piece of information!

Garage rock has been back in full effect since a couple of years and guess what, so are The Fleshtones. "Take A Good Look" is already the band's third album since 2003 and it's once again a treat. "Shiney Hiney", "This Time Josephine" or "Jet Set Fleshtones"... you name it, all of the songs on here shine with irresistible hooks, catchy choruses and great guitar licks. "Going Back To School" is a little unlikely though unless of course it's for a PTA meeting but other than that I have absolutely no complaints with "Take A Good Look". They're not quite the Zimmers yet agewise but The Fleshtones definitely outrock them!