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Body Count - Bloodlust
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 12:28
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Body Count’s last album “Manslaughter” was a solid comeback after eight years of silence. Especially when compared to 2006’s “Murder 4 Hire”. Turns out Ice-T was only getting warmed up.

Opening track “Civil War” might start off with a complete cliché (really… do we still need songs that start with a police siren?), but things get better from there on with Dave Mustaine warning the listener about an impending civil war before a heavy as fuck riff and Ice-T’s venomous lyrics hit you over the head. Next up is “The Ski Mask Way”, another track that goes straight for the jugular. At this point, it becomes clear that there won’t be tracks like “Evil Dick” on this album. The 2017 incarnation of Body Count has plenty to be angry about and no time to joke around. “All Love Is Lost”, “No Lives Matter” and the Lamb Of God-esque “Walk With Me” (with guest vocals by Randy Blythe) all sound like the musical equivalent of one of Trump's Twitter rants. But... you know, more eloquent and without the lies.

“Raining Blood/Postmortem” is pretty much the only track on “Bloodlust” that feels out of place. A Slayer cover that doesn’t add anything to the original and that starts off with 50 seconds of hearing Ice-T explain why he started Body Count? It feels a bit self-indulgent. Luckily, they end the album on another high note with the über-intense “Black Hoodie”.

“Bloodlust” is not only a kickass album, but also one that I honestly did not see coming from a band that released their debut 25 years ago and whose vocalist is rapidly approaching the age of 60.


Track listing:

  1. Civil War
  2. The Ski Mask Way
  3. This Is Why We Ride
  4. All Love Is Lost
  5. Raining in Blood / Postmortem 2017
  6. God, Please Believe Me
  7. Walk With Me…
  8. Here I Go Again
  9. No Lives Matter
  10. Bloodlust
  11. Black Hoodie


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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