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Shut The World Out
Atlas Losing Grip – Shut The World Out
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 00:00
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A punkrock band from Sweden? Ha! What else are they gonna come up with! Seriously though, there used to be a time where it seemed like every band from Sweden (apart from Abba) played this kind of hardhitting punkrock. Just think of Venerea, Millencolin, No Fun At All or Satanic Surfers! Now it’s all rock n roll or hardcore. Luckily there still is a band carrying on with the sound of yore… Atlas Losing Grip. “Shut The World Out” is filled with the kind of punkrock / skatepunk that I listened to nonstop when I first got into this scene. Fast-paced rhythms, shredding guitars and tons of melody and vocal harmonies. These guys would’ve fit right in on the Fat Wreck or Epitaph roster from a decade ago. What? I’m too young to be nostalgic? Fuck it, I like “Shut The World Out”… now where are my baggy pants?