Lay It On The Line stream new single "Level Up"
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 10:55
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London melodic hardcore quintet Lay It On The Line have signed to Disconnect Disconnect Records for their debut album.  'The Black Museum' is due out at the end of May, with the first single from it, 'Level Up', streaming exclusively over at Dying Scene.

Alice on the track:

"So my original inspiration for 'Level Up' was substance addiction/dependence/abuse and I wrote some lyrics I thought went really well with the song structure we had. The awesome thing was that when me and Mike came together it turned out he'd written lyrics on exactly the same thing – he wrote about getting over his drinking issues, so the whole thing came together really quickly and easily. It's a real honest track and it's great it's the first thing people get to hear from this new line up."

The band's previous output is available for free/donation from