Kali Masi share new 'Guilt Like A Gun' video
Kali Masi share new 'Guilt Like A Gun' video
Friday, February 12, 2021 - 18:13
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As we approach the year-mark of a time spent connecting with each other mostly over the phone, Chicago's Kali Masi turned a bad situation upside down in their new video for "Guilt Like A Gun," out today. In it, we're transported into a fictional record release party for the band's upcoming LP, [laughs], where they indulge in a fantasy of ‘normalcy’ around the choreography of the smart-phone versions of themselves.

"The video took months to plan, choreograph and execute, with a Rubik’s Cube of single-shot takes for the smartphone choreography filmed in a St. Louis loft and a frenetic afternoon spent huddled around a coffee table for the party scene," explains vocalist/guitarist Sam Porter. "I can’t tell you how much shooting the fake party made me miss all of the real ones. So, here’s to hoping that we can all pack inside of basements, venues, kitchens, and living rooms together once again soon."