Kali Masi share music video for "Recurring (II)"
Thursday, August 31, 2017 - 19:02
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Chicago's Kali Masi (FKA The Howl) have shared their new music video for "Recurring (II)". The song comes off of their new album Wind Instrument, set to be released on October 6th via Take This To Heart Records.

Vocalist Sam Porter: "The song "Recurring (II)" is about a few recurring dreams that I've had recently. We were planning out this elaborate video with Chris Bauer (who shot the video) and scheduling some time when Chris's best friend Corey Sever called me saying he wanted to write and direct the entire thing. Corey is an incredible textile designer and performance artist based in Saint Louis. He required each of us to individually email him a dream that we had recently had. From there, he reinterpreted them and designed 'bandit' masks for each character in the dream. We drove to Saint Louis and Corey and Chris directed each of us to reenact the dreams in their newly interpreters ways. It was a really cool collaboration and it turned into something special and cool. It was one of he first times that Wes had traveled with us- we pulled up to this huge warehouse in STL and were just putting on these masks and taking off our clothes. I think it really freaked him out, but it's all good now."