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Feel Great
wrong feel great
Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 08:22
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The Miami noise mongers known as Wrong are back with a new album. ‘Feel Great’ comes with plenty more worshipping at the altars of Helmet and Unsane, but this time around they also expanded their horizons and entered the realm of Godflesh while at the same time trimming away everything that could even remotely be deemed as excessive.

What they leave you with is an album that comes with 11 tunes that are as raw as they are visceral. The band never dwells on a single idea for too long before chopping it up and moving on to the next. There honestly isn’t a whole lot more that needs to be said. If you are into any of the abovementioned bands or Wrong’s debut, you are going to be madly in love with ‘Feel Great’.


Track listing:

  1. Errordome
  2. Culminate
  3. Pustule
  4. Nice Job
  5. Feel Great
  6. Upgrade
  7. Crawl Instead
  8. Come Apart Mend
  9. Zero Cool
  10. Gape
  11. Anaerobic