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Still Golden
Wolf-Face Still Golden
Sunday, December 29, 2019 - 15:36
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While it would be easy to dismiss Wolf-Face as a gimmick band, they prove they are anything but on their sophomore album, ‘Still Golden’.

Still inspired by Michael J. Fox’ character in the 1985 classic that is ‘Teen Wolf’, Wolf-Face claw their way through eleven new tunes that are catchier than rabies and beg to be howled along to while pumping your paws in the air. Furred on... sorry, spurred on by massive riffs, big melodic hooks and tons of singalong action, cuts like the title track, ‘With Or Without Boof’, the Menzingers-y ‘Born On A Blood Moon’ and ‘All Dogs Go To Hell’ are downright solid while the boozy ‘Werewolf and Whiskey Blood’ is guaranteed to be a new live favorite. And like the talented shapeshifters they are, they even manage to take a Mumford & Sons song and make it their own.

Still golden? Most definitely.


Track listing:

  1. Still Golden
  2. With or Without Boof
  3. Howl Alone
  4. Dog Whistle
  5. Owen is a Dracula
  6. Born on a Blood Moon
  7. All Dogs Go to Hell
  8. Werewolf and Whiskey Blood
  9. The Wolf
  10. No Need to Thank Me
  11. Keep Your Chin Up Little Pup