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SteveO & The Crippling Addictions Desolation Monday
Sunday, February 18, 2018 - 09:18
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Now that The Holy Mess is no more, vocalist SteveO had to find a new project. This led to SteveO & The Crippling Addictions, which is basically him and a revolving cast of friends that includes Elway’s Tim Browne.

Not a big fan of the album cover, which makes it look more like you should be getting ready for some streetpunk. Instead, ‘Desolation Monday’ comes with eight The Hold Steady-esque bangers including the near-perfect opener that is ‘Good Kids’, ‘Girl One’ and ‘Elementary My Dear Watkins’. This is what punkrockers sound like when they grow up. Gravelly voice and singalong choruses are kept intact. And while they might lose a little bit of aggression, you get contemplation and thoughtfulness instead.


Track listing:

  1. Good Kids
  2. The City
  3. Girl One
  4. Girl Two
  5. Elementary, My Dear Watkins
  6. Ten Four
  7. Modern Babylon
  8. Minoritaville