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The Emerald City
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 16:13
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Chicago-based band The Tossers are apparently still spending their nights in pubs and as a result have come up with another album full of drinking songs. “The Emerald City” comes with fourteen more Irish folk jigs. Even more so than Flogging Molly, the Tossers put the emphasis on folk with punk only showing up in the band’s sense of urgency.

While these guys are very adapt at evoking romantic images of hard-working men who spend their nights in front of a pint of Guinness while pining over another lost love, “The Emerald City” battles with the same problem I have with every other Tossers album… it’s too much of the same. There’s only so much mandolin, tin whistle and thick Irish brogue I can handle and fourteen songs is a bit too much.