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A Little Faster
There For Tomorrow – A Little Faster
Friday, July 17, 2009 - 00:00
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Growing up in Orlando right next door to Disney World, you probably pick up soon enough on the fact that being sweet, cuddly and pretty pays off. And so There For Tomorrow throws eleven songs our way that are exactly that.

The wonderful James Paul Wisner is the reason why everything on “A Little Faster” sounds even sweeter, cuddlier and prettier and I don’t see no reason why this debut album shouldn’t get these guys ahead in the world. Sounding like Jimmy Eat World at their most rocking with some Plain White T’s influences mixed in, opener “The Remedy” and especially the title track set the standard. Later on there is room for an acoustic ballad in the form of “I Can’t Decide” but overall the songs are upbeat, catchy and tighter than Jessica Alba’s ass. It’s a sound that has been done many times over but hey, apparently it still works!