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The Dangerous Summer
The Dangerous Summer The Dangerous Summer
Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 13:42
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Following a five year hiatus that was the result of creative differences within the band and frontman AJ Perdomo’s decision to focus on fatherhood, The Dangerous Summer is back.


On their self-titled album, the band – scaled down to a trio - dish out ten tracks of the emo/pop-punk variety. Nothing inherenly wrong with that, but the songs lack heart and ring kinda hollow. Which may sound weird considering they are stuffed chock full of grand gestures and sweeping arrangements with the help of producer James Paul Wisner. Whether it’s the alt-rock of ‘Fire’, the ballad that is ‘Luna’ or the pop-punk stylings of ‘When I Get Home’, The Dangerous Summer check all the boxes but ultimately still end up sounding lukewarm at best.


Track listing:

  1. Color    
  2. This Is Life    
  3. Fire    
  4. Ghosts    
  5. Luna    
  6. Wild Again    
  7. Valium    
  8. When I Get Home
  9. Live Forever    
  10. Infinite