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Strung Out - Prototypes And Painkillers
Strung Out - Prototypes And Painkillers
Friday, June 19, 2009 - 00:00
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Eleven years ago Strung Out released “The Skinny Years… Before We Got Fat”, a compilation of songs they recorded they signed to Fat Wreck. Couple of years and studio albums down the line, it’s time for another rarities compilation spanning the band’s entire career up ‘til “Blackhawks Over Los Angeles”.

With a whopping 25 tracks (7 of which are previously unreleased) this is a massive collection that will sit well with all the fans even though with some songs it’s obvious why they never made it on one of their regular albums. In any case, “Prototypes And Painkillers” should have something to offer for everyone and it’s a nice way to bridge the gap between albums.