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Eyes To The Sun
Sparks The Rescue – Eyes To The Sun
Friday, September 25, 2009 - 00:00
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With “Eyes To The Sun”, Sparks The Rescue has released the kind of album that is the perfect soundtrack for all you mall kids out there. You can play it in the background while declaring your love to the girl you met on MySpace just a couple of hours earlier. Hey, light some candles while doing so… it helps set the mood. Make sure your hair doesn’t fall into the flame though. That dye will catch fire really fast and you’ll be all over Youtube before you can spell ‘emo’. Just swoop it back across your head in the most manly of ways like you always do. But hurry, otherwise “My Heart Radio” will already be over, she’ll lose interest because she hasn’t taken her Ritalin yet, has like, zero patience and dump you. Then again if she does dump you, it’s good to know you can find solace in “American Blues”.