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Gravity Is The Enemy
Skeleton Key - Gravity Is The Enemy
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 00:00
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You might still remember NYC’s Skeleton Key from the Grammy-nominated album “Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon” which earned them tours with the Melvins, The Jesus Lizard and Primus among others. If not, then here’s another chance to get to know these guys with their experimental streak and who refuse to be easily pigeonholed.

“Gravity Is The Enemy” is the name of their latest release and the fourteen songs on here sound as nasty as that phlegm you coughed up this morning… drums are all over the place, the bass is rumbling dangerously low and the vocals are menacing and melodic at the same time.

It’s not hard to pick up on the nineties vibe that still courses through this band’s veins and the end result is the sonic equivalent of a mudslide… creeping forward at a deceivingly slow pace yet unstoppable. It may take you some time to get “Gravity Is The Enemy” but once you’ve settled in, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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