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Horrible Kids EP
Set It Off - Horrible Kids
Monday, November 28, 2011 - 00:00
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Dammit! I was just in a perfectly good pop-punk vibe and then decided to write one more review before calling it a night. Only to then pull Set It Off’s re-mastered EP out of the pile!

These guys garnered some attention by vocalist Cody Carson uploading videos on YouTube of him covering songs by the likes of A Day To Remember, All Time Low and the likes. Guess that’s already enough in this day and age. Anyway, Equal Vision took it upon themselves to re-release the band’s “Horrible Kids” EP and while I’m sure they’re not really horrible kids, their music is the kind of mindless pop dribble that I can’t take anymore. Whiny vocals, synth sounds and way too many theatrics… it’s like Panic At The Disco all over. Get rid of ‘em!