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No Age – Nouns
Monday, August 4, 2008 - 00:00
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Randy Randall and Dean Spunt are the two names behind No Age. Spunt is the drummer that also handles the vocals just like Phil Collins. But you’ll never hear Collins churn out tracks like “Miner” and I very much doubt you’ll hear Spunt belting out “You’ll Be In My Heart” anytime soon. The other dude in No Age sure loves his distortion pedal and drapes a wall of guitars over the rhythms making it a No Age song.
They already surprised a lot of people with “Weirdo Rippers”, got signed to Sub Pop and have now released their first real full-length with “Nouns”. Their two-man punkrockshow a la Lightning Bolt with additional Dinosaur Jr. influences might appeal to a lot of people but can the new album hold up against the hype? Not so much if you ask me.

“Nouns” ain’t a shabby album but I’m kinda missing some hooks. Maybe next time they oughta try to make things a little more memorable and a little less artsy.