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Goat - Requiem
Friday, October 14, 2016 - 19:11
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- by Christophe Vanheygen

GOAT makes me wish I could handle drugs better. Yeah, I said it: I have experimented here and there. Haven’t we all?

But indeed, I suck at drugs. Horribly. Yet I can’t help but wonder what Goat’s already hypnotizing and eerie psych-rock would do to your humble reviewer while he’s high on - eh, let’s keep it simple - pot.

On their third record, ‘Requiem’, the mysterious and mystical cult turns to a more acoustic approach. Less rockin’ riffs, but equally mesmerizing as the previous two records. Hell, they’re even getting away with friggin’ panflutes!

An added bonus is the abundance of sounds, ethnical rhythms and instruments attacking your eardrums like another wave of your horribly alienating trip which, in the end, makes you a far better and wiser person.

Fuck it, let’s pull out all the stops: tunes like Goatband and Goatfuzz make you want to take a swim in Lake You.

Let’s hope the masked musical commune doesn’t see this album as its own ‘requiem’. This ethnic cult-meets- classic rock remains way too fascinating to call it a day after just three albums.

And trust me, it’s not easy for someone who dislikes hippie-ish things to admit this.


Track listing:

  1. Union of Sun and Moon
  2. I Sing In Silence
  3. Temple Rythms
  4. Alarms
  5. Trouble in the Streets
  6. Psychedelic Lover
  7. Goatband
  8. Try My Robe
  9. Its Not Me
  10. All-seeing Eye
  11. Goatfuzz
  12. Goodbye
  13. Ubuntu
  14. Union of Mind and Soul