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Thanks, I Hate It
Kid You Not Thanks, I Hate It Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, November 14, 2020 - 10:00
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Co-released by Bypolar Records and Deep Elm Records, ‘Thanks, I Hate It’ is Kid You Not’s sophomoric album and it comes packed with ten new songs of the gruff punk variety we love so much.

While I already thoroughly enjoyed the band’s debut album, ‘Never A Dull Movement,’ it proved a challenge to look further than the obvious Iron Chic influence. I mean, solid songs and all, but they were almost doing themselves a disservice there. Not so on ‘Thanks, I Hate It’. Sure, you can still hear the Long Island favorites being channeled in most of the songs, but this time around the St. Augustine, FL based outfit have worked hard at setting themselves apart with a punchier, more direct sound while keeping the melancholy and extensive use of gang vocals.

The result? Kickass songs like opening combo ‘Here’s To Those Who Wish Us Well’ and ‘And Those Who Don’t Can Go To Hell’, previously released single ‘Fantastic Drugs And How To Take Them’ that we had the pleasure of premiering and album highlight ‘The Bums Lost’. All of which are the kind of uplifting, melancholy-infused punk anthems that make you want to punch a hole in the air with your fist while hugging a beer and whoever has the misfortune of standing close to you. Who knows when we might be able to do that again, but at least now we have ‘Thanks, I Hate It’ to tie us over.


Track listing:

  1. Here's To Those Who Wish Us Well    
  2. And Those Who Don't Can Go To Hell    
  3. Fantastic Drugs And How To Take Them    
  4. Thanks, I Hate It    
  5. Agony Breathing    
  6. Condolences    
  7. The Bums Lost    
  8. Handbook For The Recently Deceased    
  9. May I Never Be Complete, May I Never Be Content, May I Never Be Perfect    
  10. Inside Every Cynic Is A Disappointed Idealist   


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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