PREMIERE: Kid You Not share video for ‘Fantastic Drugs and How to Take Them’
PREMIERE: Kid You Not share video for ‘Fantastic Drugs and How to Take Them’
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - 12:47
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We are very psyched to share video for Kid You Not’s new single, ‘Fantastic Drugs and How to Take Them’ (listen on Spotify). It is the first single off the band’s recently announced new album ‘Thanks, I Hate It,’ out October 30th on Deep Elm Records and Bypolar Records (pre-order).

Upbeat, emotional, and packed with raw energy, St.Augustine, FL’s Kid You Not incorporate the perfect blend of melancholic and inspiring melodies made for basements and stages alike.

In just the last three years, the band has released a debut full-length entitled ’Never a Dull Movement’ (2017) followed by an EP compilation, ’Home Again’ (2018) both released via Deep Elm Records.

Now, during what may seem like the end of the world, Kid You Not is set to release their sophomore full-length album, ’Thanks, I Hate It,’ a fitting title given the current circumstances we find ourselves in.

The band's bassist, Justin, had the following to say about the new full-length:

"The songs on this album resonate with what we believe a lot of people have felt this year in regards to personal struggles with mental health. It addresses those feelings of depression, loss, and uncertainty. 2020 has been a roller coaster of seemingly endless despair, and that has weighed heavy on a lot of us and has certainly taken a mental toll.”

Thanks, I Hate It is familiar yet bigger, more impassioned, and sees the band at their best. The kind of album a lot of us need right now, one that reminds you that we are not so alone although we all feel few and far apart, and one that you will be happy to revisit even after the storm has passed.

Kid You Not's Thanks, I Hate It will be released digitally via Deep Elm and on vinyl via Bypolar Records on October 30th, 2020 .


Thanks, I Hate It track listing:

  1. Here's To Those Who Wish Us Well
  2. And Those Who Don't Can Go To Hell
  3. Fantastic Drugs and How To Take Them
  4. Thanks, I Hate It
  5. Agony Breathing
  6. Condolences
  7. The Bums Lost
  8. Handbook For the Recently Deceased
  9. May I Never Be Complete, May I Never Be Content, May I Never Be Perfect
  10. Inside Every Cynic is a Disappointed Idealist