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Fake Blood
Heart Attack Man Fake Blood Punk Rock Theory
Monday, May 13, 2019 - 12:08
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To be honest, I am not really feeling this new Heart Attack Man album. It’s like they took everything that made debut album ‘The Manson Family’ stand out and then decided to keep only the less interesting parts. ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ is a short, grunge lite blast, ‘Out For Blood’ sounds like something Lit could have written back in the day and I had pretty much already forgotten both ‘Blood Blister’ and ‘Cut My Losses’ before they reached their conclusion.

I’m not saying ‘Fake Blood’ is a bad album. It’s not. They just seem to have focused on a part of their sound that doesn’t appeal to me quite as much. Equal parts 2000’s emo, pop and grunge. All existential dread.

They are off to a great start though with the title track and when they do try something different, like the mellow ‘Moths In A Lampshade’ or the hardcore pop-punk of ‘Crisis Actor’, the results are far more interesting than the rest of the album.


Track listing:

  1. Fake Blood
  2. Blood Blister
  3. Low Hanging Fruit
  4. Out For Blood
  5. Rats In A Bucket
  6. Moths In A Lampshade
  7. Cut My Losses
  8. Crisis Actor
  9. Asking For It
  10. Sugar Coated
  11. The Choking Game