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Just Give In / Never Going Home
Hazel English – Just Give In / Never Going Home
Friday, May 12, 2017 - 14:00
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A lot of us have - at some point in their lives - dreamt of living in California. For most of us, it stays just that. A dream. Originally from Australia, singer-songwriter Hazel English turned her dream into a reality and hasn’t looked back since.


“Just Give In / Never Going Home” is her first full-length album that compiles her debut EP (the “Never Going Home” part) along with six new tracks. All of the songs are upbeat without getting up in your face, the guitar lines and delicate keyboards shimmer, shine and twinkle and Hazel’s voice is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Put all of that goodness together and you end up with eleven hazy, sepia-colored songs in the key of Best Coast, but with more dreamy pop sensibilities.


Track listing:

  1. Other Lives
  2. Fix
  3. Birthday
  4. Love Is Dead
  5. More Like You
  6. Never Going Home
  7. Make It Better
  8. Control
  9. It’s Not Real
  10. I'm Fine
  11. That Thing (Digital Bonus Track)
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