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La Nausée
Guerilla Poubelle La Nausée
Saturday, January 13, 2018 - 14:04
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Oui oui, Guerilla Poubelle is a French punkrock band. From Paris to be exact. Which makes sense when you listen to the melodic punk rock songs with gruff vocals that make up ‘La Nausée’, because we all know that Paris is the Gainesville of France. Amirite?


Anyway, don’t go thinking that this is all snooty punkrock like… I’m not sure really. Is there such a thing as snooty punkrock? Or is snootiness in general reserved for bored indie rockers? Whatever. This ain’t it. The ‘guerilla’ part in their name already hints at political awareness and they sure don’t hold back while criticizing corrupt politicians and social injustice in their lyrics, which are all dipped in Sartre’s existentialism and wrapped up in melodic tunes that go down easy. These thirteen songs are as raw as they are melodic and all heart. Think Dead To Me, Propagandhi minus their technical chops, Off With Their Heads and The Larry Arms. Things do tend to become a bit same-y as you work your way down the track listing, but overall this is a pretty fun way to spend half an hour.


Track listing:

  1. Je ne possède que mon corps    
  2. Ceux qui ne sont rien    
  3. Identité rigide    
  4. L'amour est un chien de l'enfer    
  5. L'aventure de l'ordinaire    
  6. Une bouteille à la mer    
  7. En marche !    
  8. Golgotha    
  9. Les fils et les filles des sorcières que vous n'avez pas brûlées
  10. Peine de vie    
  11. Plus je connais les hommes et plus j'aime les chiens    
  12. Le pour et le contre    
  13. Nous sommes mort trop jeunes



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Tom Dumarey

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