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End Of Daze EP
Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 22:51
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Dum Dum Girls are still in shoegaze mode as can be heard on their new EP, “End Of Daze”. It sounds like a very logical continuation of “Only In Dreams” mainly because it all sounds exactly the same. So if you’re still waiting for these girls to crank up the garagerock factor… well, hang in there!

Acutally there is a difference… whereas “Only In Dreams” was already a little darker than the band’s debut, this EP is darker still. The drums and bass lines are approached in a very Spartan way while the synth and guitar lines are wavering.

You can look at “End Of Daze” as a welcome addition to “Only In Dreams” and while there’s nothing on here you haven’t heard from them yet, it’s a fine EP with “Season In Hell” as my personal favorite.