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This Is What Honesty Sounds Like
Catholic Guilt This Is What Honesty Sounds Like Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 18:14
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Melbourne’s Catholic Guilt describe their sound as ‘honest music’ and on their latest EP we get to find out what that sounds like. Turns out honesty sounds like pop punk with folky undertones, thick with gorgeous melodies and slick hooks.

They kick things off with previously released single ‘A Boutique Affair,’ which has a Spanish Love Songs kinda vibe happening in the verse coupled to a poppy chorus. Oh, and rest assured... life in your forties is not as scary as they seem to think it is.

Another previously released song is ‘Song Of The Renter,’ which came out back in June following the band’s signing to Wiretap Records and packs heart-on-sleeve lyrics as well as a singalong part towards the end that is guaranteed to be a highlight of every show. If we ever have those again. Along with ‘The Awful Truth’, this one has holed up in the sweet spot between Frank Turner and Menzingers. High praise, but Catholic Guilt more than deserve it.

The band then slows things down a bit for ‘Life In Three Part Harmony,’ which comes close to being just the tiniest bit of cheesy but is ultimately saved by a kickass finale, before rounding things out with ‘Nothing,’ a beautiful closer where they really pull out all the stops and rise above themselves.


Track listing:

  1. A Boutique Affair
  2. Song Of The Renter
  3. Life In Three Part Harmony
  4. The Awful Truth
  5. Nothing
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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