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Broadway Calls – S/T
Saturday, July 19, 2008 - 00:00
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This album originally came out on Smallman Records but then Broadway Calls signed to Adeline who decided to re-release the album. Which was a good decision because the more the people have the chance to hear this little gem, the better! Quick history lesson: Broadway Calls was formed in 2005 by Ty Vaughn and Josh Baird who were both in the hardcore act Countdown To Life. The other members of that band didn’t feel like touring too much and so the two of them started a poppunk band to fill up the void when their other band wasn’t active. But then BC blew up and became their full-time thing.

Broadway Calls plays the kind of poppunk I’d like all the Fall Out Boys and Girls out there to hear… because this is the real deal. It’s not about flashy moves onstage or having the right Hot Topic outfit or annoying everyone with yet another song about a failed relationship. It’s about playing honest, heartfelt songs that show you wear heart on your sleeves and that your balls are big enough to rock the fuck out. This album is basically one anthem after the other with tales about life, politics, taking responsibility and so on. You know, things that matter. Unlike, say Pete Wentz’ latest attempt to make the headlines.

Musically you can compare Broadway Calls to early Green Day and a band like Samiam. Or put these guys on a bill with The Loved Ones and Lifetime and see how they make a perfect fit.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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