Track-by-track: American Television talk 'Watch It Burn'
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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - 14:20
Track-by-track: American Television talk 'Watch It Burn'

Melodic punk rock outfit American Television are set to release their new album 'Watch It Burn' tomorrow, but you can already stream the whole thing below. Spoiler alert: it is a fast, loud and angry yet highly melodic album that takes cues from all the greats.

About the album: "Watch It Burn, is about things getting worse. In a world where selfishness and corruption still reign supreme, we can’t help but be angry. It feels like we’re regressing towards a misguided and idealized past. Corporations continue to treat workers like machines, and the gap between the haves and have-nots has widened. For us, that anger turned into 10 gritty, pop-laden punk songs."

Want to know more? Continue reading this track-by-track feature the Washington, DC based band was kind enough to offer.


'Awkward Universe'

If we defaulted to caring for each other instead of fighting each other, maybe, just maybe, we could enjoy this giant rock for a few more loops around the sun.


'Standing Still'

Tfw you’re totally ready for a person to stop telling you about how they were amazing at something 20+ years ago.


'Dead & Gone'

We brought this back from an earlier recording called "Let's Play Two" because we just got better at playing it.

Bullies are shit. And it does get better.



This song is about excessive drinking, staying out till 4am, and stuffing my face before the sun comes up. I did this a lot in my 20's, it's not great - but it is fun to sing about.



Corporate jobs, amirite?!


'Dad's Song'

If you take one of those corporate jobs mentioned above (like I have), just remember they don't care about you. They care about money. My dad taught me this a long time ago.



The internet/social media has taken so much meaningful human engagement and creativity from the world, and we're not immune to it. Set adrift in a universe filled with keyboard cowboys and self taught political scientists in which our every word is archived for eternity it’s a shame we’re not, collectively, a bit more self aware.


'Wasteland, USA'

A post-apocalyptic love song with a dark humored take on living out your final moments with the one you love as the world burns. Thanks to our current political climate, this is entirely feasible!



This song is a throwback to discovering punk rock when we were teenagers and what it meant to "be punk" at that age.


'Great Divide'

'Great Divide' started as I was thinking about people in my own family who have lived one accident or health issue away from having their lives turned upside down. As we arranged it, the words began to exemplify how different an experience dealing with medical care is for the rich and the poor. Healthcare should be a human right.

Our friend Genevive Moore joined in on the last chorus to bring the anthem to life, we thought it was important to have a woman’s voice in the song.



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Tom Dumarey

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