Spice shares new single '26 Dogs'
Spice shares new single '26 Dogs'
Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 07:38
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As a collective thought, SPICE’s self-titled debut album, out July 17th on Dais Records, diverts from a singular mood, tempo, or delivery, instead focusing on orchestrating emotional drain as single impulses—fast, slow, driving, simple, and layered—that coalesce in their machinations.  
While they prepare for the release of Spice, they’ve dropped the album’s third single, “26 Dogs.”  The track traverses guitar-driven indie pop and call-to-action impulse while the band balances their urgency by interspersing violin melodies and layers, creating depth without oversaturating.  “26 Dogs” puts the intricacies of SPICE’s instrumental and lyrical prowess on full display.

Featuring members of Ceremony and Sabertooth Zombie, SPICE’s sound pulls from the sense of melody and drive inherent to their hometown Bay Area pedigree, peppered with modernity and awash with an anthemic haze. The hook is in the connection as much as melody, with each song building its inner narrative and exploration of affliction.