Death Of Lovers share video for “Orphans Of The Smog”
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 08:55
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As the release date of Death of Lovers’ debut draws near, the quartet has shared a new video. Accompanying the gleaming post-punk track “Orphans Of The Smog,” the Kevin Haus-directed video weaves through a familiar cityscape with a striking air of pensiveness and poignancy.
The band’s first release since 2014, The Acrobat fully realizes the artistic manifesto that began with the stellar EP Buried Under A World Of Roses. Resurfacing with a glossy new wave-tinged sound, Death of Lovers tread on thrilling sonic territory without losing the hallmarks that beguiled the world three years ago.
Created in fits and starts amidst amidst three members’ grueling tour schedule with shoegaze outfit Nothing, The Acrobat is a daring leap in Death of Lovers’ stylistic evolution. Driven by intertwining synths and lock-step rhythms, Death of Lovers kick up the dust of their post-punk forbearers one song at time.  
The Acrobat will be released on November 24 via DAIS Records.