Middle-Aged Queers share video for single 'Theme Song'
Middle-Aged Queers share video for single 'Theme Song'
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - 09:56
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Oakland, CA's queercore outfit Middle-Aged Queers crowdsourced their newest video for their single 'Theme Song'. It is the second single taken off of the band's debut album 'Too Fag For Love,' which was released in mid-March via Sell The Heart Records.

Vocalist Shaun Osburn shared some details about it:

“We had grand plans of creating an overproduced video for this song, but Covid19 quashed video shoots along with all our touring. Instead, we put out all call for lip-sync videos to create our own ‘we are the world’ during this end of the world. Quarantined queerdos (and allies) from across the globe sent us their shelter-in-place best takes."

Cameos include members of Addalemon, Beast Jesus, Copy Slut, Easy Queen, The Homobiles, Lolly Gaggers, Tsunami Bomb and Mikey Bean, the author of Phantoms: The Rise of Death Rock.