The Atlantic Union Project share video for 'Trustworthy'
The Atlantic Union Project  share video for 'Trustworthy'
Monday, March 28, 2022 - 11:39
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The Atlantic Union Project has shared a video for their new single 'Trustworthy. It is the second single taken from The Atlantic Union Project's 3,482 Miles EP, awaiting release this summer when the vinyl is finally pressed. The EP will be available on digital, CD and coloured vinyl, jointly released by Engineer Records (UK), Shield Recordings (EU) and Sell The Heart Records (US).

The EP’s title has a special meaning, referring to the distance between Cirinelli in Boonton, NJ, and where the rest of TAUP’s members live in Brighton, England. Written and recorded during the pandemic, with audio files between sent across the Atlantic, the resulting EP is a love letter to the hardcore music scene. Inspirations include all the greats, ranging from Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, and Descendents to Hot Water Music, Braid, and The Promise Ring.

The Atlantic Union Project may be new to the scene, but this post-punk outfit’s members are all seasoned musicians who’ve been playing in hardcore bands for over 25 years. The aptly named group is formed by a core of veteran musicians from the UK collaborating with Craig Cirinelli (vocals) who lives in Boonton, NJ. Cirinelli’s lineage in other acts is long (Elemae, World Concave, Damn This Desert Air, Hidden Cabins, Holler and the Hand). Not to be outdone, the UK contingent is equally impressive; David Gamage (guitar) played in Rydell, Couch Potatoes, Joeyfat and Come The Spring. Simon Goodrick (guitar) and Jamie Donbroski (drums) were both also in Come The Spring, as well as straight edge band Strength Alone, and Mark Wilkinson (bass) was in Come The Spring and Rydell, and before that, Rudedog and the BBMF’s. All that energy, accumulated knowledge and musical skill bursts out on The Atlantic Union Project’s upcoming 3,482 Miles EP.