Bumsy and the Moochers share new single 'The Rat'
Bumsy and the Moochers share new single 'The Rat'
Wednesday, September 29, 2021 - 08:08
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Chicago ska-punk sextet Bumsy and the Moochers have released a brand new single called "The Rat".  You can find it on streaming platforms everywhere or purchase it on Bandcamp.

Here's a note from the band about the song:

"The Rat's creation started as a song with just a guitar part and chorus written by the band's other guitarist/vocalist Dan Engelman. The chorus's lyrics are politically charged. Dan explains writing the chorus lyrics, "I was thinking about Trump and people in positions of power in general who are corrupt." From there the band added musically to the song with a funky type bass line. Gabriel Rodreguiz the trumpet player mentioned that he drew inspiration from a video game for the horn line.  Caitlin Edwards, lead singer and guitarist of the band filled in the blanks for the verses and pre choruses. "I wanted some parts of the verses to relate to the title of the song, 'sniffing around, looking around with beady eyes', but I also wanted to connect those rat-like behaviors to corrupt human beings." Caitlin goes on to say, "The verses not only describe corrupt people in power, but they also describe back-stabbing, lying, and spineless people that unfortunately come into our own lives." Caitlin explains further, "Any person that I've sensed was lying or betraying me, I've always caught onto their act. My eyes are open, I know who you really are, you won't fool me." "Recording the song was fun, especially recording the vocals. Dan and I came up with some cool backing vocal ideas right there in the studio. We loved how it gave the chorus an extra boost." Caitlin shares. "It was a blast watching everyone record their parts for this song because everyone's parts are so different. Everyone has an exciting piece of the puzzle that is this song." Caitlin's closing thoughts on 'The Rat', "We've felt as a band that this song really captures our current sound. A little bit of ska, punk, funk, and a sound that's quite our own. It's heavier musically and lyrically, but it still makes you want to move. It brings so much energy. We're super proud of this one."