Kali Masi share video for "Powerline Days"
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 21:29
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Chicago's Kali Masi (FKA The Howl) have just released their new music video for "Powerline Days" off of their new album Wind Instrument, set to be released on October 6th via Take This To Heart Records.

"The ethos of the song focuses on exploring the way we operate in traditional relationships; exploring how you fit into your orientation. Even as a straight dude, I have a lot of inner turmoil with gender roles and feeling pressure to be a person that I am not. When writing the song, I had just re-entered the dating world and it was really uncomfortable. I was going to bars and just watching these weird rituals that we do to court others, almost like a weird trick. It felt like I was like watching hunting or something, which sparked the idea for the video initially. I thought “Ah, maybe this isn’t for me. Maybe these people aren’t either.” And it’s sort of a release to eliminate this giant part of young adult culture from your life. Suddenly, you have time to focus on yourself or finding your person."  - Sam Porter